Catering Companies in the UAE – How to Prepare Healthier Meals for Your Party

1Healthier meals are not just for the home. They are also perfect for your parties and events. You might think it’s difficult and complicated to do healthier catering. In Dubai, many catering companies who are now accepting request for healthier meals will tell you that it’s not that difficult after all. In fact, some are easier to prepare than those usual favorites that are fatty, salty, and high in sugar.

Here are food suggestions from caterers in Dubai that you can include in your menu for your next party.

Morning meals may include wholegrain breakfast cereals or wholegrain bread toast served with milk and fruits. Choose milk or yoghurt with reduced fat label. You may also prepare pancakes or crepes made from low fat milk. If you want eggs, cook them in very little oil only or use oil with very minimal animal fat.

Water should be the primary drink – tap water, mineral water, sparkling or soda water. Choose unsweetened fruit juices to make your menu interesting particularly for children. For tea and coffee, go herbal and decaf. Choose coffee with reduced caffeine. Serve sugar and other sweeteners in limited amounts.2

Dip platters are best for parties. Go for reduced fat dips. Prepare cheese-based dips using low-fat cream cheese, cottage cheese or ricotta. Choose vegetable-based salsas and relishes.

Desserts do not need to be filled with so much sugar. Go for fresh fruits and salads. Choose cakes made from fruits, veggies or nuts with little or no icings at all. You may also opt for yogurt, crepes, custard and ice cream.

For more lists of healthier food for your party, check out


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