Best Dubai Caterers Shared Some Tips For Upgrading A Lunch Buffet

CateringA lunch buffet, Dubai residents know, is a straightforward thing wherein you serve food to your guests. But then, if you follow the tips provided by the best caterers in Dubai, know that you can boost the overall experience of your party guests.

Make A Good Impression With These Party Catering Tips

Different Table For Drinks
This will help prevent crowding at the buffet table. Moreover, it will make it a lot easier for your guests to get a refill. It is highly recommended that this table must be placed near the kitchen since containers for drinks are heavier.

CaterersPlace The Cutlery At The End Of The Table
The best place for the plates is at the start of the buffet table. For cutlery, it must be placed at the other end as this will prevent the guests from unnecessarily holding bulky objects. It would also be a great idea for you to place the knives, spoon and fork at the guest tables.

Create Multiple Access Points
People usually tend to move in groups during parties. To prevent people from crowding in one area, you must create different access points. For instance, create at least 3 stacks of napkins in one area rather than stacking it all in one bunch only. This will allow many guests to get napkins in one area.

When preparing for a lunch buffet, Dubai caterers highly emphasized that your goal is to draw the space in and around the buffet area. Consider setting a starting and end point. Be sure to have some extra space as this will facilitate the optimal flow of party guests.


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